Getting Sun Certified on the Java Platform

Getting certified by Sun Microsystems, Inc., is a great way to invest in your professional development and to help boost your career potential. IT managers know that the skills verified during the certification process are the same skills that can lead to increased productivity and enhanced staff credibility. In addition, you can tap into new and larger markets with Sun certifications.
Earning a Sun Java technology certification provides a clear demonstration of your technical skills and professional dedication.
Sun offers the following certifications for Java technologies:

  • Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)
    • Sun Certified Java Associate
    • Sun Certified Java Programmer
    • Sun Certified Java Developer
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
    • Sun Certified Web Component Developer
    • Sun Certified Business Component Developer
    • Sun Certified Developer for Java Web Services
    • Sun Certified Enterprise Architect
  • Java Platform, Micro Edition (Java ME)
    • Sun Certified Mobile Application Developer

Sun's philosophy is that certification is central to the learning process because it provides validation of skill sets for specific job roles. Sun certification also offers a natural progression to support your career goals.

  • When you become a Sun Certified Java Associate, Sun verifies that you have a base set of knowledge that enables entry into a career in application development or software project management using Java technology.
  • You can validate your training by becoming a Sun Certified Java Programmer.
  • You can pursue advanced or specialty training and certifications that help enable your career growth into more specific job roles, making you more valuable to an organization.

Any IT certification path can be confusing and feel overwhelming, so Sun has tried to simplify the process of figuring out what courses you may need to pursue for your area of certification.

Sun has developed the following learning paths and course lists:

  • Java SE Learning Path
  • Java EE Learning Path
  • Java ME Learning Path
  • Web Services and XML Learning Path

Sun also offers the following Sun Java Enterprise System courses:

  • Sun Java Enterprise System Course List
  • Sun Java Enterprise System Identity Management Services Course List
  • Sun Java Enterprise System Web and Application Services Course List
  • Web and Proxy Servers Course List

In addition to reading the free materials on the Java web site, such as articles, tutorials, and newsletters and Tech Tips, you can sign up for a Career Accelerator Package (CAP) to take the guesswork out of preparing for certification. Each CAP package is specific to the type of certification you want, and CAP packages are available in the following learning modes:

  • Instructor-led Training and Live Virtual Classes -- Provides lectures and labs by technical experts certified as instructors in their field.
  • Web-based Training or CD ROM -- Entitles you to 24/7 access to courseware from a desktop or laptop, and select courses include eMentoring from subject-matter experts.
  • Web-based Practice Exams -- Taking practice exams helps you prepare to take the real Sun certification exams.
  • Exam Vouchers -- Entitles you to take the certification exam at an authorized Prometric testing center.
  • Programming Assignments -- Submit assignments online for evaluation by an expert programmer, validating your expertise as a Java technology programmer or architect.

Once you have taken training, either instructor-led or web-based, had all your questions answered through eMentoring, taken practice exams and done well, received your voucher, and worked out a programming assignment, then you are ready to take the certification exam.
Certification exams are based on recommended Sun instructor-led classes and 6 to 12 months of actual job-role experience. Sun does not claim that taking courses guarantees that you will pass the certification examinations. However, the courses are an important component in certification preparation.
Exam costs vary depending on the country in which you live. Sun certification exams and programming assignments are available for purchase online in four easy steps:

  • Purchase an exam or a programming assignment.
  • Schedule your exam.
  • Take your exam.
  • Manage your certification progress.

Exams purchased on the Sun web site may be used only in the United States. If you reside outside the United States, check the web site to inquire about products delivered in another country.
Each exam has approximately 60 questions, and you have 120 minutes to take the exam. After you have taken a certification exam, log in to the Certification Database to do the following:

  • Update your contact information.
  • View your personal test history for certification tests.
  • Download or upload Sun Certified Java Developer or Architect assignments.
  • View your progress toward a certification.
  • Submit an online help request to customer service.

Instructors from Sun and its authorized partners are the best in the business. Our Instructor Certification Program provides a benchmark to help ensure you're getting training that's up to your high standards.
Sun provides complete learning solutions designed to help your team and organization develop expertise using Java technology APIs. In addition, Sun provides a comprehensive selection of education consulting services that help you develop the right training solution.

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  • "Mohyal Educational Research Institute of Technology" acronym as MERIT was established in October '99 by Mohyal Foundation to set up an educational society with emphasis on Information Technology.

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