TEPE December 2022 for BCA/MCA/MCA_NEW/PGDCA/PGDCA_NEW/CIT (online)
Forenoon Afternoon
(11.00AM to 1.30PM) (2.00PM to 4.30PM)
1 Friday 20th January 2023 CITL-001 MCSL-17
2 Saturday 21st January 2023 MCSL-228 MCSL-228
3 Monday 23rd January 2023 MCSL-229 MCSL-229
4 Tuesday 24th January 2023 MCSL-204 MCSL-204
5 Wednesday 25th January 2023 MCSL-205 MCSL-205
6 Friday 27th January 2023 MCSL-209 MCSL-210
7 Sunday 29th January 2023 MCSL-216 MCSL-217
8 Monday 30th January 2023 MCSL-222 MCSL-223
9 Tuesday 31st January 2023 MCSL-25 MCSL-36
10 Wednesday 1st February 2023 MCSL-45 MCSL-54
11 Thursday 2nd February 2023 MCSL-16 MCSL-16
12 Friday 3rd February 2023 BCSL-58 BCSL-63
13 Saturday 4th February 2023 BCSL-56 BCSL-57
14 sunday 5th February 2023 BCSL-45 BCSL-44
15 Monday 6th February 2023 BCSL-43 BCSL-43
16 Tuesday 7th February 2023 BCSL-34 BCSL-34
17 Wednesday 8th February 2023 BCSL-33 BCSL-33
18 Thursday 9th February 2023 BCSL-32 BCSL-32
19 Friday 10th February 2023 BCSL-22 BCSL-22
20 Saturday 11th February 2023 BCSL-21 BCSL-21
21 Sunday 12th February 2023 BCSL-13 BCSL-13
22 Monday 13th February 2023 BCSL-13 BCSL-13
1. The Term End Practical Examination will be conducted though virtual mode (Google Meet).

2. Learners are requested to check their Name, Enrollment no, date & time as well as the Googlemeetlink which is mentioned against their  names.
3. Those learners whose name is not mentioned in the practical exam schedule they can contact  RC DELHI-1 for approval of the same and after getting the proper approval they will be allowed to give their practical exam on the respective date preferably in the last batch.
4. The Practical exam date & time mentioned in the Schedule will be followed strictly and no Learners will be allowed to take the exam after specified course code date & time is over.
5. The practical will be in the form of viva voce.