Mohyal Educational & Research Institute of Technology

MGY-001 Introduction to Geoinformatics

Block-1 Overview of Geoinformatics
Block-2 Concept of Geospatial Data
Block-3 Basics of Mapping
Block-4 Scope and Applications of Geoinformatics

MGY-002 Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation

Block-1 Introduction to Remote Sensing
Block-2 Sensors and Space Programmes
Block-3 Image Interpretation
Block-4 Processing and Classification of Remotely Sensed Images

MGY-003 Global Navigation Satellite System and Geographic Information System

Block-1 Global Navigation Satellite System
Block-2 Fundamentals of Geographic Information system
Block-3 GIS Database Creation
Block-4 GIS Analysis Output and Project Design

MGYL-004 Geoinformatics Practical

Part-1 Spatial Database Creation
Part-2 Remote Sensing Data Handling
Part-3 Spatial Analysis